different types of wooden plates for furniture (hanged in the following order: 18-19 '2000, 20-22 '2000, 25-26 '2000, 48-49 '2000, 14-15 '2001, 16-17 '2001, 18-19 '2001, '?), steel, acidized zinc, print on wood, varnish, construction adhesive

In translation from Russian ‘krasn’en’ko' means reddish. This word is a literal quote by former Russian president Boris Yeltsin from 2001* when he succinctly
reacted to the new state anthem, which was clearly just a remake of the Soviet predecessor. In that one very poetical word lie pain and loss
of the vague hope for the liberalization of the new country, administered at that time by the young and promising president.

The work in progress ‘Krasn’en’ko’ is a grieving reflection (reference: gravestones) on the Soviet past of modern Russian (reference: ‘Я Молодой’ (I’m Young)
magazine covers for young people from 2000 and 2001). Apart from the post-Soviet heritage the culture and traditions of propaganda, which traces
could be found in Catholicism (reference: poetic quotes from Matthäus-Passion by J.S. Bach in collaboration with C.F. Henrici) are being actively subverted.

* – this quote was taken from a documentary film 'Svideteli Putina' (2018) by Vitaly Mansky