Transparent silicone compound, concrete, steel, rounded aggregate, rust, construction adhesive, ground, dust, polish, cotton, steel clamps, stirrup, collars, hair, fur, aluminum wire rope, moss, EURO-2 construction fence, vehicle registration plate, forged nail, bark, satin, patricles of brocken smartphones, perclose from a street drainage line, dried wildflowers

'Stone Dilapidation – Bodily Viscosity' is quite a personal but at the same time very political project.
Its core is fueled by a poetical play, dedicated to such ambiguous topics as mortality and limits (their absence) between continuous and temporary.

The main actors of the play are abstract structures such as Sponge Cake, Broken Smartphone, Wooden Barque, Wandering Promise, Death,
Hyperlink, Shooter, and Slap In Your Own Face. They auratically represent voices of social norms, political statements, prejudice, and suppression.
As they are not vocalized, they become an itching schizophrenic monologue in a viewer's head.

Taken as a whole the project is an attempt to emancipate a voice of one through the fermenting multitude of psychosomatic mutations.